Teaching & Learning

In our classroom teaching, we aspire to encourage the pupils to ask and answer the question ‘why?’ We try to stimulate curiosity and delight in learning, as well as practical, investigative and creative skills.

We encourage our pupils to foster good work habits and take the initiative and work things out for themselves. We strive to recognise progress, achievement and excellence.

We intend that through effective teaching, a vibrant curriculum and rich extra-curricular programme, our pupils will be imaginative and creative learners who can think and work independently; are presented with a variety of learning opportunities which reflect their individuality and diversity; learn in an atmosphere of positive dialogue between pupil and teacher; learn with a spirit of respect for others in the group. 

Our aspiration and aims for our classroom teaching, and extra-curricular provision are realised in practice by what we hope are practical policies which enable teachers, parents and pupils to work cooperatively in the exciting realisation of potential. The school’s policies and practice also pay due regard to key initiatives in the national debates in education. 

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