Transferring to the Senior School

When a girl joins us the Junior School, we expect that she will continue through to the Senior School.

The girls in the Junior School do not sit the 11+ entrance exam and instead, Junior School staff decide whether the Senior School would be the best environment for a girl’s secondary education based on their knowledge of each girl.  However, the overwhelming majority of girls progress smoothly to the Senior School at the end of Year 6.  Girls and their parents are invited to visit the Senior School in the autumn term of Year 6. The Headmistress of the Senior School meets with each girl individually to conduct transition interviews.  Girls from the Junior School are considered for academic scholarships. These are awarded based on the recommendation of the Head of the Junior School.   Girls who wish to be considered for a music scholarship are invited to attend an audition with the Director of Music.    

The Junior School’s subject coordinators liaise closely with the Heads of Department in the Senior School to ensure progression and a smooth transition as girls move into Year 7.

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