Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum but is extended beyond that to meet the particular needs of the girls in the school.

We aim to engender a love of learning in the girls by making make the lessons interactive, stimulating and fun while ensuring that we help every child achieve her personal best.  The most able children have plenty of challenges built into their learning, whilst girls who need additional help in any area receive support both within and outside the classroom. There are also many opportunities for girls to work in groups, where they can learn from their peers as well as the teaching staff.

We have a clear focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills with daily lessons in each subject.  We have established an integrated approach to our curriculum and focus the learning across several subjects around a theme.  In this way girls develop real depth of knowledge, as well as confidence in key skills such as research, analysing results and interpreting and presenting information.

We ensure that girls discover what they enjoy doing and we recognise and celebrate their individual strengths in all areas of school life, as well as the progress they have made.

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