Our Community

We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming community of pupils, parents and staff. We strive to provide an environment in which our girls can enjoy learning, feel secure, and, most importantly, be themselves.

Class teachers are responsible for each girl’s academic and social development. They get to know each individual child really well and develop a good relationship with each girl they teach. The girls know they can talk to their class teacher about any concerns or difficulties they are having, and they often do. Parents know that any issues raised will be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Everyone is encouraged to feel they are part of the school, and we place a lot of importance on treating each other with respect, listening to the opinions and feelings of others and valuing everyone’s contribution.

There are leadership opportunities for girls from Year 3 upwards which allow them to develop confidence and independence through taking on responsibilities such as being a ‘buddy’ to a new girl, being a class Prefect, or serving as an elected representative on the School Council. Girls in Year 6 also have the opportunity to be elected Captain or Vice- Captain of one of the four school Houses.

We know that if girls feel safe and happy in school, they will become successful learners. We work with them on self-esteem, confidence and general well-being to make sure they flourish both personally and academically.

We also serve a delicious and nutritious lunch each day to every girl in the school, using entirely fresh ingredients in a varied and appealing menu. Our chef gets to know each girl individually and somehow manages to persuade them to eat all sorts of food they won’t eat at home.

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