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Senior leadership team


Mrs Victoria Bingham
MA (Oxon)

Head of Junior School

Ms Caroline Spencer
MSc (Sheffield) BSc (Leeds)

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs V Bingham, MA Oxon – Headmistress 
  • Ms Z Brass, BA Queen’s University – Senior Deputy Head (Pastoral) 
  • Mr R Jones, MA Oxon – Director of Finance & Operations
  • Dr R Osborne, PhD Imperial – Deputy Head Careers, Co-curricular & Community 
  • Ms C Spencer, MSc Sheffield – Head of Junior School
  • Mr A Westwood, BSc Nottingham – Deputy Head (Academic)
  • Mr R White, BA Leeds – Director of Sixth Form
  • Mrs S Whitworth, MA Edinburgh – Director of Philanthropy & Alumnae

Senior School

Art & Design

  • Ms C Bluck, BA Kingston (Head of Art)
  • Mr J Casey, BA De Montfort (Art Technician)
  • Mr A Hennessey, BA (Art Technician)
  • Mr N Hunter, MA Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Miss S Morgan, MA Norwich
  • Dr M Naydenova-Slade, PhD Courtauld (Head of Art History)
  • Ms I Nielsen, MA Royal College of Art – maternity cover
  • Ms A Seewoogoolam, BA UAL – maternity leave
  • Ms L Wengrowe, BA Sussex – maternity leave 


  • Mr R Brady, MSc UCL (Assistant Head of Digital Strategy)
  • Mr D Lowry, BSc University of Dublin


  • Mrs V Bingham, MA Oxon
  • Miss A Bolland, BA Cantab
  • Mr G McCormick, MA Cantab
  • Mr O Thicknesse, MA Oxon (Head of Classics)
  • Miss A Jacobs, MA Cantab
  • Miss R Turnor, BA Manchester
  • Miss A Williams, BA Oxon

Design & Technology

  • Mrs K Coyle, BA Huddersfield (DT Technician)
  • Mrs S Fanning, BSc London, Dip Arch RIBA (Head of Design & Technology)
  • Ms P Pearce, BA UCL, MA Cantab
  • Ms A Wrigglesworth, MA Cantab (School Consultant Teacher – Sustainability)


  • Mrs D Bent, BA Leeds
  • Ms R Caine, BA Leeds
  • Ms K Martin, BA De Montfort (Director of Drama)


  • Ms Z Brass, BA Queen’s University (SLT)
  • Mr R Brown, MSc Halmstad University
  • Mr H O’Grady,  BA Oxon (Head of Economics)


  • Ms A Bokkerink, MA Cantab
  • Dr K Etheridge, DPhil Oxon (School Consultant Teacher – Head of the Speak Up, Speak Out Programme & Head of Oxbridge Applications & Scholarships)
  • Mr B Harkins, MA Cantab, MA London (Head of English)
  • Ms M Janz, BA Oxon (Head of Year 8)
  • Mr A Keiler, BA Leicester
  • Mr P Larochelle, MA John Hopkins University, MA University of London (Second in Department and International Universities Lead)
  • Mr E Monroe, BA Leeds


  • Ms J Humphreys, MEd Birmingham (Head of Year 7 and Assistant Head Pastoral)
  • Mrs N Liston, MA Oxon (Head of Teacher Induction)
  • Mr M Morgan, BA Leeds Metropolitan (Head of Geography)
  • Mrs E J Sanders, BSc Miami

History & Politics

  • Mrs V Boyarsky, MPhil London (History)
  • Dr M Egan, PhD UCL (Politics, History & Critical Thinking; Assistant Head Research & Innovation)
  • Ms H McDougall, BA Oxon (Head of History)
  • Miss C Moffat, BA Warwick (History & Politics)
  • Mrs P Morgan, MA Cantab (History)
  • Mr R White,  BA Leeds (History, Director of Sixth Form, SLT)


  • Mrs M Abraham-Sanwo, BSc Warwick
  • Miss A Aneja, MSc King’s College (School Consultant Teacher – Social Action & Volunteering)
  • Mr D Atkinson, BA Cantab
  • Mr S Davis, BSc, University of London (Second in Department)
  • Mr J Hansford, BA York (Head of Mathematics)
  • Mr A Khan, BSc Kings’ College London
  • Mr R Kerr, BSc Polytechnic of Central London
  • Ms A Richardson, BSc Nottingham
  • Ms V Teles, MA Institute of Education (Head of Year 11)
  • Mrs N Turton, BA Virginia
  • Mr M Willett, BA Cantab (Deputy Head of Sixth Form)

Modern Foreign Languages

  • Mrs A Bartnicka, CLM Granada (German)
  • Miss E Burton, BA Leeds (Spanish, Language Assistant)
  • Mr E Cabezas, BA Seville (Head of Spanish)
  • Mrs C Driscoll, BA Strasbourg (French, German)
  • Miss M Fajardo Duran, QTS, CILT (Spanish)
  • Mrs C Finley, CAPES Toulouse (French & Spanish)
  • Mr R Garvey, MA Leeds (Mandarin)
  • Mrs J Meyer, MA London (Head of German)
  • Mr M Morley, BA Lancaster (Head of Modern Foreign Languages)
  • Mrs G Nwoko, MA Roehampton (Spanish and French)
  • Mrs S O’Driscoll, BA Cork (German)
  • Mrs L Raitz, MA Cantab (French)
  • Mrs I Rush-Canevet (French, Language Assistant)
  • Mrs N Ziehm-Mahnke (German, Language Assistant)


  • Mr C Beecroft, BMus Trinity Laban (Head of Contemporary Music, Head of Year 9)
  • Dr S Collisson, PhD University of London (Director of Music)
  • Miss S Ellis, BMus Cardiff (Assistant Director of Music; Head of Curriculum Music)

Philosophy & Religion

  • Mr S Barnett, MA Lancaster
  • Ms N Kennedy, BA (Head of Philosophy & Religion) 
  • Ms L Summers, BA Bristol


  • Mr R Brown, MSc Halmstad University
  • Ms J Massey-Smith, BA Bologna (School Consultant Teacher – Diversity & Inclusion, and Head of Psychology)
  • Miss C Waghorn, BA Exeter


  • Mrs Z Alhashimi, BSc (Biology Technician)
  • Mr P Arundale, BSc Manchester (Head of Chemistry)
  • Mrs J Arundale, BSc Lancaster (Physics; KS3 Learning Support Co-ordinator)
  • Ms N Colman, BsC Manchester (Biology)
  • Ms N Elliott, BA, Manhattanville College (Biology)
  • Mrs C I Ezike, BSc (Chemistry Technician)
  • Mrs H Kamps, BSc British Columbia (Head of Physics)
  • Mrs A Logan, BSc Wales (Head of Biology; Med/Vet Science Lead)
  • Mr R Menzies-Wilson, MA Oxon (Physics)
  • Miss M Osborne, BSc Birmingham (Physics)
  • Dr R Osborne, PhD Imperial (Physics, SLT)
  • Miss A Pintus, MSc University of Cagliari (Chemistry)
  • Mr L Poza, BSc University of London (Chemistry; Head of UCAS)
  • Mr W Poza, MSc (Chemistry) – temporary 
  • Ms E Russo, BSc Durham (Director of STEM)
  • Miss R Sayed, MSci Kwazulu-Natal (Physics; Assistant Head of Years 7 to 9)
  • Ms V M Spawls, BSc Westminster (Biology; Head of Year 10)
  • Miss T Stevens, BSc Birmingham (Biology)
  • Mrs A Weekes, HND (Senior Technician – Physics)
  • Mr A Westwood, BSc Nottingham (Physics, SLT)
  • Dr C J Woodward, PhD London (Biology)


  • Mrs R Banfield, BA Brighton
  • Miss A Burnett, MSc Brunel
  • Mrs G Cooke, BA Brighton (Assistant Head of Year 10 & 11)
  • Miss C Hardy, BA Bath (Director of Sport)
  • Miss L Hayes, BA Brunel (Assistant Director of Sport)
  • Mr D Learoyd, BSc Leeds Beckett
  • Miss L Martin, BA Brighton
  • Miss F Wall, BSc University of Birmingham
  • Miss A Winter, BSc Oxford Brookes

Junior School

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs C Atkinson, MA Cantab
  • Ms T Bhattacharyya, MA King’s College London – maternity leave 
  • Ms C Casali, BA London Guildhall (Teacher of Art)
  • Mr C Christensen, BA Middlesex (Director of Music)
  • Mrs S Crimmin, BEd London Metropolitan (Teacher of French)
  • Miss S Cramer, BSc Leeds
  • Ms N Elliott, BA, Manhattanville College (Teacher of Science)
  • Ms Z Hammond-Smith, BA Roehampton
  • Ms X Kerr, BA Trinity Laban
  • Mrs A Logan, BSc Wales (Teacher of Science)
  • Mrs L Lougee, BA Durham (Assistant Head Pastoral)
  • Miss A McLennan, BA Leeds Beckett
  • Ms A Newling, BA Kingston
  • Mrs Z Paramour, BA Leeds (Assistant Head Academic)
  • Miss J Prothero, BA York
  • Ms A Sanchez Sawicka, BSc Westminster
  • Mrs S Somers, BA Manchester, MA UCL
  • Ms J Stewart, BA Oxford Brookes
  • Ms S Tan, MA Cantab – maternity cover
  • Mr R Vadera, MSc UCL
  • Mr N Young, BA Manchester


  • Miss R Morgan, BA

Teachers’ Assistants

  • Ms E Bartunekova, NVQ Level 3
  • Mr W Middlemoore
  • Miss D Nee, BA
  • Mrs S Suganthan, NVQ Level 4

Support Staff

  • Ms J Bailey, MFA (Deputy Heads’ PA)
  • Mrs P Barral, BA (Junior Head’s PA)
  • Mrs J Beckwith, MA (Receptionist)
  • Mrs S Bell (Resources/Reporting Coordinator)
  • Dr M Brainard, PhD Universität Osnabrück, MSLIS, Pratt Institute (Librarian)
  • Mrs C Brookes, Dip in Person Centred Counselling/Counselling Adolescents using the Arts/BACO Accredited Psychotherapist (School Counsellor)
  • Mrs L Bullen, AAT (Finance Manager)
  • Miss C Collins, AAT (Receptionist)
  • Miss S Creswell, MA (Philanthropy & Alumnae Assistant)
  • Mrs C Daniel, MA (Head of HR)
  • Miss J Day (Junior School Administrator)
  • Ms M Gadow, BA (Welfare Assistant & Study Supervisor)
  • Miss H Gandhi (Receptionist)
  • Mr Y Gomez (Site Team)
  • Mrs D Greengrass, BSocSc, PgDip (Exams Officer)
  • Miss E Hunt, MA (Music Administrator)
  • Mrs K Ions, MA (Head of Admissions)
  • Mr R Jones (Director of Finance & Operations, SLT)
  • Ms P Karavla (Admissions Registrar)
  • Miss K Kaur, BSc (ICT Technician)
  • Mr D Lacey (Junior School Site Manager)
  • Mr C Laine (Site Team)
  • Mr E Lamba, BA (Head’s PA)
  • Mr J Lopez (Site Team)
  • Ms I Mahon, Dip in Counselling & Psychotherapy/MA in Child, Adolescent & Family Psychotherapy (School Counsellor)
  • Ms J Mason, MA (Head of Marketing & Communications)
  • Mrs C Mcleod, BSc (School Nurse)
  • Mr T Miller (Senior School Premises Manager)
  • Mrs N Moore (Events & Operations Manager)
  • Ms E Obiri-Darko, PG Cert in Mental Health & Well-being; MA in Psychological Therapies with Children, Young People & Families (School Counsellor)
  • Mrs S Okret, BA (Junior School Librarian)
  • Mr L Pagurschi, BSc (Head of ICT)
  • Mrs G Patel (Administration & Data Assistant)
  • Mr A Rosenbaum (Data Manager/Head of Assessment and Reporting)
  • Mr D Stevens (AV & Production Manager)
  • Miss S Tsekiri, Post Graduate Certificate NASENCo (SENCo)
  • Mrs L Vadgama, BA, ACMA, DcHA (Development Executive Assistant)
  • Mr D Vinall, MA Apple Certified Mac Technician (ICT Technician)
  • Mrs S Whitworth, MA (Director of Philanthropy & Alumnae, SLT)
  • Mrs D Wilkins (Junior School Admissions & Marketing Assistant)
  • Ms J Williams (Finance Officer)

Visiting Music Staff


  • Ms G Cracknell, LRAM
  • Mr T End, ARAM
  • Ms B Jones, PGDip, LRAM
  • Ms E Kaplan, BMus
  • Mr E Leech, BMus, MA, LRSM
  • Mr P Moore, ARAM, DipRAM, BMus, LRAM, LGSMD
  • Miss B Nicholas, BMus
  • Miss S Warwick, BMus (RCM)


  • Mr T Marsden, BMus, MMus


  • Mr J Clarkson, MA
  • Ms P Murray, MMus (GSMD)
  • Ms E Phillips, BA
  • Ms M Phillips, BA
  • Ms D Thomas, Dip Degree (Köln)


  • Ms C Barry, BA (Cello)
  • Ms C Cohen, BMus, LRAM (Violin)
  • Mr G Dowse, BMus (Guitar)
  • Mr R Fogg, BA (Guitar)
  • Mr M Lipski (Double Bass)
  • Mrs E Menezes, BA (Violin)
  • Ms L Moore, BMus, LRAM, PPRAM (Cello)
  • Mr S Perkins, BMus, DipNCOS (Violin, Viola)
  • Ms N Salzman (Harp)
  • Ms W Tan, BMus, LRAM, PGDip (Violin, Viola)


  • Miss E Bassett, MA (Trombone)
  • Ms D Calland, BMus, LRAM (Brass)
  • Ms F Carpos, MMus, FTCL (Bassoon)
  • Ms S J Clarke, GGSM (Clarinet, Theory)
  • Mr D Clewlow, BA (Brass)
  • Ms K Corrigan, BA Dunelm, MMus (Recorder)
  • Mr C Hatton (Clarinet)
  • Mr I Judson, LRWCMD (Flute)
  • Mr E Leech, BMus, MA, LRSM (Tuba)
  • Mr A McNeill, BMus (Saxophone)
  • Mr M Onissi, LTCL (Saxophone)
  • Mr W Padfield, MA Royal Academy of Music (French Horn)
  • Miss E Tingey, LWCMD, ACC WCMD, TCM (Oboe, Theory)

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