Kindling a love of learning: Our curriculum

Learning at South Hampstead is just as much about warmth, fun and a respect for individuality as it is about achievement and excitement. In equal measure, across a broad curriculum, they give our girls the best possible start.

From the earliest years, we focus on developing pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills while making sure they have the freedom to discover a real love of learning. Lessons are interactive, stimulating and challenging, and outstanding teaching ensures that every child achieves at the very highest level. And, as an all-through school, we’re able to offer girls the benefit of a rich and varied curriculum free of the need to prepare for 11+ tests.

Our integrated approach to the curriculum, which unites learning in several subjects around a common theme, helps girls develop a real depth of knowledge and builds confidence in key skills such as research, analysing results and interpreting and presenting information. We take great care to ensure every girl develops an appetite for interesting, challenging reading material as well as a self-assurance in public speaking and writing. There’s also specialist teaching to introduce children to modern foreign languages (French), art, music and sport.

Across the curriculum, our teachers provide the inspiration, support and spark that young minds thrive on.

A creative and liberal start to education where girls are encouraged to speak out and challenge themselves inside and outside the classroom.

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The arts Sports
Playing and performing...
…two key ingredients to life. All girls in Year 1 embark on the Strings Project and learn the violin, viola, cello or double bass. In Year 2, girls build on their skills via the Recorder Project, introducing them to wind instruments.
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