Setting off sparks: Co-curriculum

There’s lots of life beyond schoolwork. We waste no time in giving our youngest pupils the chance to make new discoveries and ignite new enthusiasms.

Our clubs, which run before, during and after school, have something for everyone, from sports and choirs to science and gardening. Most are free of charge and led by our own teachers, following their own interests and passions. Others, such as fencing, chess, drama and ballet, are run by external agencies and require a small fee. And our wrap-around service offers extended day provision from 7.45am and until 6pm every day to all pupils – a chance for girls to do their homework, make new friends and enjoy a nutritious meal.

Our central London location counts for a lot in opening doors, hearts and minds. We are able to secure expert guest speakers, from authors and entomologists to architects and charity workers. We make the most of all that the capital has to offer, from museums and galleries to religious centres, to reinforce pupil learning.

Our horizons don’t stop there. On recent day trips further afield, girls have seen the Terracotta Warriors at Liverpool’s World Museum and learnt about codebreaking at Bletchley Park. And our residential trips – York in Year 4, Dorset in Year 5, France in Year 6 – perform a valuable role in enhancing the girls’ learning and fostering a sense of both community and independence.