Choosing a school

With so many good schools to choose from, finding the best fit for your daughter is key. There is no South Hampstead ‘type’. Throughout the school, you’ll find as many quiet scholars as vociferous campaigners; we have talented drummers and published poets, astrophysicists and fashionistas, elite athletes and eco-warriors. In the words of former headmistress, Miss Bodington, it is: “every single blade of grass that makes the lawn grow green.”

However, South Hampstead pupils are characterised by a certain spark: they all possess tremendous academic potential and are defined by their willingness to give things a go. We want girls to be themselves, try new things, develop and express their own opinions and stand up for what they believe in. When you visit the school, we hope you get the sense of that spirit, in a warm, friendly environment underpinned by values that matter: aspiration, courage, commitment, creativity and kindness.

Pupils warmly embrace the school's pervasive culture of joyful scholarship.

ISI Report 2023