Entry at 4+

We offer places to 24 girls at 4+ (Reception) based on their performance in assessments. Parents or legal guardians are invited to submit an application two years before their daughter is due to start in Reception.

If you would like to enquire about making a late application for entry September 2021, or have any other queries, please contact

4+ entry

Admissions process overview


Application forms released

Application forms are available to download from our website during a designated two week period in September of each year and we guarantee to assess every girl whose application is received within this time frame. Unfortunately, due to high demand, applications outside of this period cannot always be accepted.


First assessment

Typically held in November, one year before the September entry, girls are invited to an enjoyable school visit, which should be considered as a ‘play date’. No special preparation is necessary as no formal knowledge is expected. The girls will visit in small groups and will be observed by our assessors.


Second assessment

We then invite back approximately half the candidates in smaller groups for a second assessment in January. It is at this stage that we request references.


Places offered

Places are then offered in February and parents will be given a deadline to accept. At the point of acceptance a non-returnable deposit of £1,000 is required.

Entry at 7+