Entry at 4+

We offer places to 24 girls at 4+ (Reception) based on their performance in assessments.

Registration for entry in September 2024 is now open – please scroll down to apply online by noon on Friday 6th October.

4+ entry for September 2024

Girls born between 1 September 2019 - 31 August 2020


Apply online

To apply for entry in September 2024, please apply online below by noon on Friday 6th October.


First round assessment

All applicants will be invited for a playdate-style session in small groups, grouped by birth month, between Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 15th November. Parents will be notified of the exact date w/c 9th October.


Second round assessment

If your daughter does well, she will be invited back for a further assessment in January 2024.



Offers will be made later in January, with an acceptance deadline of early February, when a deposit of £2000 will be required to secure your place.

Entry at 7+