Flashes of inspiration: The arts

Our commitment to the creative arts runs deep, and begins early – from the youngest years. It is what has won the school a reputation for creativity and helped our young artists to win awards on a regular basis.

In art, highly-skilled specialist teaching introduces our youngest pupils to a range of ambitious techniques and inspires them to produce bold and exciting work. Girls also get to innovate and experiment in our specialist Design Technology rooms, where they start to learn practical, problem-solving skills.

The Junior School Head comes from an illustrious musical family, so it’s no surprise that music and performance are celebrated. All girls are introduced to a string instrument in Year 1 and to the recorder in Year 2 during class music lessons – the vast majority then continue with individual tuition as they progress through the school with our outstanding visiting music teachers. Standards are high, with a sense of enjoyment to match. There are also chances to play and perform with a range of choirs, bands, orchestras and ensembles, and in the breakfast concert series, where pupils give solo performances for parents and peers.

Drama is also strong here, from weekly speaking and listening lessons through to wonderful end-of-year theatrical productions. Across the creative arts, Junior School pupils can take advantage of the Senior School’s specialist facilities, including its theatre and other performing arts spaces, as well as digital music and technical resources. And, with so many theatres, galleries and creative venues local to the school, there’s never a shortage of professional inspiration.

Staff stories

Junior School Chef
I absolutely love seeing the girls eating together and socialising over lunch every day. There’s no better job in the world.
For over 15 years, Ellen has been providing meals here; her first girls are now at university, instilled with healthy eating habits. She has produced a recipe book for charity, introduced cooking workshops and helped girls prepare ambitious dinners for their parents.
Senior School