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Intellectual enrichment

Bright young students are hungry for knowledge and new experience. Our enriched curriculum is designed to reach well beyond the confines of A Level demands and to keep even the most curious and creative minds well-nourished.

Educating our Sixth Formers is about so much more than A Level syllabuses. That’s why we developed our Intellectual Enrichment programme – to offer opportunities for intellectual growth, physical and mental well-being, creativity and service to the wider community.

For example, as soon as our girls join the Lower Sixth, they’ll be treated to the weekly Great Ideas Lecture Series. It’s a chance to hear from and quiz speakers on high-level thinking across a spectrum of subjects, such as the fundamentals of music, the principles of exoplanet detection, existentialism and the genius of Wittgenstein. Enlightening and interactive, the lectures lead to the Extended Project Qualification, or EPQ, which emphasises research skills and sophisticated writing and presentation, providing a solid foundation for study at university.

Later, in the Upper Sixth, they’ll hear from an incredible series of distinguished guests across an array of disciplines (from academics and activists to entrepreneurs and explorers) as part of their own Friday afternoon Speaker Series – a rich and varied programme that encourages students to reflect upon and debate a rich diversity of issues and points of view.

Beyond the curriculum, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue other areas of interest and to shine. South Hampstead girls have a strong track record in Oxbridge essay competitions, Girls’ Day School Trust scholarships and other prestigious awards and prizes, such as Arkwright Engineering Scholarships. And our mathematicians and scientists frequently excel in national challenges and Olympiads.

Staff stories

Ms Alice Knox
Chemistry Teacher
Ms Knox previously worked in neuroendocrinology as a postgraduate researcher at KCL. She is a big fan of organic chemistry and interesting questions, particularly tangential ones - and pupils here are always happy to oblige! Her annual talk at our Sixth Form Great Ideas Lecture Series focuses on the evolution of human language, while her own voice can be heard in the staff choir.

There’s a balance of freedom and responsibility. The school really encourages personal enrichment.

Sixth Form student
Pastoral care