Entry at 7+

We welcome 24 new girls into the school at 7+ (Year 3). All applicants are invited for assessment, before which a reference will be requested from their current school.

Applications for 7+ can be submitted at any time, up to mid-October of the year before entry – please note that the deadline for entry September 2020 has now passed. If you have already made an application, the timeline is outlined below. The outcomes will be posted on Thursday 30 January; parents/guardians of successful applicants will be invited to an offer holders’ morning at the Senior School on Tuesday 4 February, ahead of the deadline to accept.

To apply for entry in September 2021 or beyond, please download the application form or email

For 7+ entry in September 2020

Girls born between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013


Entrance examination

The initial assessment comprises three papers – English, Maths and Reasoning – based on the curriculum taught in all schools in Year 2. The initial assessment took place in November.


Group assessment

Girls who perform well are invited back for a group assessment.


Places offered

Places are then offered to girls on the basis of their performance in the examination and assessment, as well as the reference. Offer holders are then invited back to visit before the acceptance deadline in February.