Welcome from the Head of Junior School

Welcome from the Head of Junior School

What will you find at South Hampstead’s Junior School? Curiosity, creativity, energy and laughter – and a burning ambition for each girl to make the best possible start to school life.

From their very first days here, our pupils are exposed to inspiring learning opportunities. Teaching focuses on broadening horizons, not jumping through hoops. This is a place that sparks the imagination and new interests, where each girl begins to discover a sense of self. It’s a place where pupils are encouraged to work collaboratively, to innovate and take risks, and to communicate with flair. And it’s a place where your daughter’s happiness, and her joy in learning, come first. We want her to be excited about each day at school, and for you to feel reassured she’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge she needs for life in the Senior School.

We’re passionate about giving girls the room and the opportunity to discover their potential and, from an early age, they are empowered to learn without limits. Our tailored curriculum encourages intellectual curiosity and deep thinking – a wealth of trips and visits beyond the school gates help to bring learning alive. Outside the classroom, girls seize on the chance to delve into different fields, from debating to orchestra, chess to cross country, creative writing to art history.

Your daughter’s happiness, and her joy in learning, come first

We give them the encouragement to persevere when challenged and to understand the importance of improving as part of the learning process. We help every girl to find her voice, develop her leadership skills and gain the self-assurance she needs to speak and express her ideas in front of others. By the time they move on they are confident individuals, ready to transition seamlessly into the Senior School.

To see how we go about giving girls a wonderful start to their time at South Hampstead and life beyond, drop in on one of our Open Days. We hope to see you there.

Ms Caroline Spencer, MSc (Sheffield) BSc (Leeds)
Head of Junior School 

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