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Towards 2026 and beyond

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At South Hampstead High School we aim to equip our pupils for life – to develop the leaders, the thinkers, the creators of tomorrow.

Our masterplan, ‘Towards 150’ sets out some of these ambitions as we look towards our 150th anniversary in 2026 – at the centre is the need to provide the best possible facilities to support a dynamic learning environment, and the desire to extend our education to anyone with ability and potential, regardless of background or wealth.

Whether you are a parent, pupil, alumna, or honorary alumna of South Hampstead, you are considered to be a valuable, life-long member of our community. By investing in our initiatives you will provide real opportunities for all, you will enrich the lives of every child at the school and, by becoming part of their future, we hope you will enrich your own.


Breadth & Accessibility

Opening Doors

Extending outstanding opportunities to all girls

The Girls’ Day School Trust was founded in 1872 to provide education to all girls, regardless of background or means.  Bursaries change lives and at South Hampstead, we are committed to increasing our diversity and inclusion and providing more opportunities for bright young children who cannot afford our fees. To this end, we have pledged to double our 2018 bursary provision by our 150th anniversary in 2026.

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Teaching & Learning

Speak Up, Speak Out

Enabling our pupils to find their voice

There are few things in life more important than the ability to communicate effectively – our Speak Up, Speak Out programme for speech and debate, breeds confidence, presence and critical thinking.  In 2020 we launched our DebateHub programme with the aim of promoting public speaking to pupils at South Hampstead and across the country with our partner schools. More than 20 state primary and senior schools are now involved with this programme. You can sponsor the DebateHub through our Speakers’ Fund which also helps us to secure guests for the South Hampstead Speaker Series  and for the sixth form Free Thinking’ Friday events.

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Community & Leadership

Project Zero

Leading the way to become a carbon neutral school

Project Zero is a pupil run programme to improve South Hampstead’s environmental profile and in 2020 we were awarded the Independent Schools of the Year Green Award for Environmental Achievement thanks to their efforts. Your support has funded an annual Carbon Footprint survey and supported initiatives to reduce and offset our emissions. In 2020 and 2021 we achieved UN Net Carbon Zero certification. If you would like to help our pupils continue to make South Hampstead a carbon neutral school in years to come then please do support our Project Zero fund.

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Community & Leadership


Building mutually beneficial links

We want to establish sustainable and mutually enriching partnerships which benefit our staff,  pupils and those beyond our gates. You support has helped us set up the Saturday Sparks enrichment programme and the Junior School partnership with Holy Trinity primary school. Sharing knowledge, facilities and experience with those around us is core to our future plans.  Help us to expand our impact by supporting our partnership work.


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Capital development

The Junior School

An imaginative extension of our learning environment

We are seeking to adapt and enhance our junior school buildings in Netherhall Gardens to ensure that the quality of our teaching spaces support the quality of our teaching. The plans will also embrace our sustainability goals and create new communal space and play areas to allow for seamless indoor and outdoor learning.

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Pupils receiving bursaries
Donated to Towards 150 2020-21
Net Carbon Zero in 2020-21