Pastoral care

At South Hampstead, the big step into school is taken into the warmest and most welcoming of environments, and a close-knit community where every girl’s well-being matters.

It begins with the class unit. Every pupil is a member of a class, and the strong sense of belonging fostered by her form teacher makes her feel valued and supported. Her well-being is our first concern in everything we do. We want all our girls to be happy, kind and resilient, and to always be themselves. We encourage them to try new things and make new friends, and proactively teach them strategies for speaking up and speaking out.

Girls at South Hampstead love to talk and explore in conversation, and that begins in the Junior School. To help them share thoughts and ideas in class, girls have ‘talk partners’ who change from week to week. Assembly offers the chance to share their talents from an early age, whether it’s reciting poetry, presenting an idea of their own or debating someone else’s. Even the most naturally reticent girl finds an inner confidence that can draw her out of her shell.

Plenty of activities beyond the classroom, plus regular exercise and delicious lunches all make pupils feel cared for, while the sense of camaraderie across year groups – and a little healthy competition – is generated by the school house system. The all-through nature of South Hampstead also means Junior School girls can access the Senior School’s pastoral care, which includes a full-time nurse, counselling and life-coaching.

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