Entry at 11+

Each year we welcome approximately 55 new girls into the school to join those moving up from our Junior School. Girls must have reached the age of 11 before 1st September in the year of entry, and will be in Year 6 when they sit their entrance examination.

Applications for entry in September 2021 are now closed. If you have any queries, please contact If you have already made an application, you can access your account here.

Covid Update: We are very aware of the additional stress that the ongoing pandemic is placing on Year 6 pupils and their families this year. We have therefore reviewed our admissions process to help minimise disruption to our 11+ candidates and ensure that applicants are not disadvantaged due to Covid-19. Subsequently, we have decided to adopt a different test this year; as such, we will not be sharing the admissions arrangements of The London 11+ Consortium this year, but providing what we believe to be a fair and flexible alternative: the ISEB Common Pre-test. This test is being adopted by a number of independent London schools and aims to provide your daughter with more options regarding where and when she can sit the test, should there be further disruptions due to Covid-19.

Given the circumstances, we committed to interviewing every applicant online this year. Further information about this year’s ISEB test, including familiarisation material, is available on the ISEB website. For more detailed information about this year’s changes, please review our FAQ document. Key dates and information are highlighted below.     


For 11+ entry in September 2021

Girls born between 1 September 2009 - 31 August 2010


Apply online

Our application deadline was Wednesday 18th November 2020.


Entrance examination

Applicants will sit the ISEB Common Pre-test, a 2.5 hour, computer-based test, with sections on verbal and non-verbal reasoning, English and Maths. The test is designed to identify potential as well as attainment; no special preparation is required. Familiarisation materials are available on the ISEB website. Applicants should sit the test on or before Friday 15th January 2021; it should be taken at her current school or at any other school she has applied to (provided that the school offers the ISEB Common Pre-test). At South Hampstead, we hosted candidates on 5th January, in line with the latest guidance and adhering to all necessary protective health measures.



In order to gain a complete picture of each prospective pupil, the interview is a critical tool in our selection process. This year, we committed to interviewing all applicants. At the interview, we aimed to put girls at their ease whilst also challenging them. This approach enables us to identify whether a pupil will truly thrive here, academically and otherwise.


Places offered

Places are offered on the basis of performance in the ISEB Common Pre-test and interview, as well as the reference from the current school. Candidates will also be asked to provide details on the impact of school closures, and any other relevant circumstances, on their education. Offers are made on 12th February, followed by Offer Holders’ Events on 22nd/23rd February; the deadline to accept is noon on 3rd March.