Entry at 11+

Each year we welcome approximately 55 new girls into the school to join those moving up from our Junior School. Girls must have reached the age of 11 before 1st September in the year of entry, and will be in Year 6 when they sit their entrance examination.

South Hampstead is part of The London 11+ Consortium. Currently comprising 12 independent girls’ schools, The London 11+ Consortium sets the same test paper, shares results and has common dates for releasing results and deadlines for acceptances, with the aim of making the applications process simpler, for both pupils and parents.

Candidates for South Hampstead must register directly with the school. The deadline to register for entry in September 2020 is Friday 22 November 2019; the admissions process is outlined below. If you have any queries, please contact

At 11+ we offer Academic, Music and Sport Scholarships as well as Bursaries – for more information, please see the Scholarships & Bursaries section.

For 11+ entry in September 2020

Girls born between 1 September 2008 - 31 August 2009


Entrance examination

All schools in The London 11+ Consortium will assess candidates through a 70 minute cognitive ability test. This rigorous new test has been designed to identify academic potential and reduce the reliance on arduous preparation. The test includes questions testing verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. The test can be taken on Friday 10 January 2020 at any of the schools in The London 11+ Consortium to which an application has been made.



In order to gain a complete picture of each prospective pupil, we will continue to use the interview as a critical tool in our selection process. Invitations to interview are made on the strength of each candidate’s results and school reference. At the interview (end January/early February 2020), we aim to put pupils at their ease whilst also challenging them. This approach enables us to identify whether a pupil will truly thrive here, academically and otherwise.


Places offered

Places are offered on the basis of performance in the cognitive ability test and interview, as well as the reference from the current school. Offers are made on Friday 14 February. We will hold an Offer Holders’ Event on Monday 24 February 2020 if you have any further questions, with a deadline for acceptances in early March.

Open Days

South Hampstead is a popular school. Entry is competitive. Girls are assessed via examination, interview and report. We recommend that anyone considering applying for South Hampstead should book a place on an Open Day for a taste of life at the school.

Open Days

Open Days