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Bringing STEM to the Forefront

South Hampstead’s Director of STEM, Emma Russo, talks to Independent Education magazine about showcasing STEM achievements more, making policymakers pay attention and encouraging girls to speak up and speak out.

Through every day teaching, we provide a plethora of hands-on, tangible experiences to help make STEM relatable.

Ms Russo was shortlisted as one of the world’s best teachers in late 2018. In this interview, she covers her plans to collate and champion “all the brilliant things that are going on already” as well as implementing many more initiatives to champion Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths: a new science blog featuring female Scientists, set up by Year 8 pupils; a newsletter recommending events and exhibitions taking place in London; a Science photography competition; and a regular STEM challenge at the Junior School, supported by Sixth Form Scientists.  Junior School pupils already undertake forensic experiments in the Senior School labs while older pupils enjoy inspiring speaker visits, trips to NASA HQ in Florida and CERN in Geneva, as well as dozens of lunchtime activities, including coding club, maths puzzle club, LEGO-building, space society, CREST award, VEX robotics and engineering club.

The school really encourages young women to be the best that they can be and I love being part of this feminist dynamic.

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