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Good Schools Guide

Both our Junior and Senior Schools once again feature in the Good Schools Guide, the number one UK trusted school guide.

The Good Schools Guide has been providing impartial, candid school reviews for over 35 years.  Their reviewers visit every single school, interview the head, speak to pupils and parents, analyse academic performance and challenge the marketing hype.  The full reviews are available to Good Schools Guide subscribers on their website – a few of South Hampstead’s highlights are featured below:

Junior School 

“Sunny, energetic, inquisitive and confident… South Hampstead pupils set out to grab life by the lapels.”

“These girls are articulate, independent and resilient.”

“This is an academic school, and unashamedly so.”

“Well-being at the centre of everything the girls do.”

“A cosmopolitan, stimulating start to an exciting all-through education.”

Senior School 

“Debate and discussion are central to life here.”

“The same parents who said they chose the school for its academic reputation acknowledged that one of the things they appreciated most was the school’s low key attitude to academic pressure…”

“Widespread appreciation among Sixth Formers for their teachers’ availability and commitment.”

“Parents highlight music immediately as being phenomenal.”

“The atmosphere is purposeful, professional, organised.”

“Edgy, bright and highbrow… Girls here are going somewhere with purpose.”

“Nurtures sassy girls who are not afraid to be themselves and stand up for what they believe.”




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