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1876 Society Annual Meeting

At our annual 1876 Society meeting, we reflected on this year’s achievements and the impact of our donors’ bursary support across the school.

Named after our founding year, the 1876 Society recognises all those who have pledged a regular annual gift of  £1,876 or more, or have donated the equivalent of a full fee place. Members of the 1876 Society came together to enjoy drinks and canapés in the Burgess Room before joining our first Speaker Series event of the year: Mrs Paul in conversation with our inspirational guest speaker, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – read more and watch a recording of the evening here.

We are delighted to report that 30 parents and alumnae have joined the 1876 Society already this year and the membership now stands at over 150 people.  The annual report reflected on how much has changed since we established the society in November 2021, when there were just 24 girls receiving financial support in the Senior School. In September 2024, there will be double that number, including seven new pupils who will join with bursary awards.

Our Director of Philanthropy, Mrs Whitworth, thanked all our 1876 Society members on behalf of Mrs Paul and everyone at South Hampstead: ‘Since 2021, the change has been transformational – pupils, staff and parents have noticed such a positive difference in the diversity and sense of inclusivity of our community. Our bursary awards don’t just change the lives of the pupils who receive them but also change the life of the school around them.’

Reflecting on the uncertainties ahead, Mrs Whitworth urged members to continue to champion our mission: to become ambassadors for the programme, and to encourage more people to join the society.

You can find out more about the 1876 Society here; alternatively, please contact to have a conversation about our bursary ambitions and how you can be involved.


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