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1876 Society Meeting

At our inaugural 1876 Society meeting, we celebrated the progress we have made towards our ambition to double our bursary provision.

The 1876 Society, named after our founding year, recognises all those who have supported our Opening Doors Bursary Campaign by pledging a regular annual gift of at least £1,876, or who have donated the equivalent to a full fee place or more. The society was launched at our Opening Doors dinner in November 2021; since then, more than 70 members of our community have joined, committing over £1,000,000 to bursaries this year alone.

Mrs Bingham updated our members on the impact of their support and the tremendous progress we have made. In September 2021, we were able to welcome 4 new pupils on means-tested bursaries; in September 2022, we will be welcoming 14 new pupils, all receiving 110% bursaries.  Thanks to the generosity of our 1876 Society members, we are now hoping not only to double our bursary provision by 2026, but to also ensure that, each and every year, at least 10% of our pupils receive financial help if they need it.

Mrs Bingham thanked everyone who has helped to make such a huge difference this year; the success this year has been a true community effort, involving South Hampstead staff, pupils, parents and alumnae.

We hope that everyone in our community will join us in our mission, in whatever way then can, to increase diversity and opportunity at South Hampstead.

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