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365 Club Hits Headlines

Mrs Bingham and pupils feature in The Times for making positive, personal pledges to reduce their environmental impact.

Pupils, including two of the Head Girl Team, were pictured in this Saturday’s edition of the paper, alongside the headmistress, who initiated the 365 Club.

Mrs Bingham’s decision to relinquish buying new clothes for 365 days has inspired pupils to do their bit for the environment too. Girls across the school are challenging themselves to give up single use plastics, disposable sanitary products and unsustainable palm oil products, while others are reducing their carbon footprint by making more eco-friendly travel, lifestyle and food choices for the year ahead.

“At the first assembly of the school year, I told the school that I was not going to buy any new clothes for a year and if we really cared about the environment we have to take a personal step and give something up that we will miss,” Mrs Bingham said. “I set up the 365 Club and to my surprise 50 pupils turned up at the first meeting.”

The 365 Club is an off-shoot of South Hampstead’s Project Zero, a pupil-led initiative to significantly reduce the school’s environmental impact. South Hampstead’s Eco Committee, who galvanise the school community to make a difference, is led by a staff member who is an accredited UN climate change teacher, one of only a handful in London.

Read the full article here: 365 Club in The Times The initiative was subsequently picked up by numerous other publications including The Week Junior and First News. Pupils across the school and the wider community are now joining the conversation on social media with their own pledges: #365ecochallenge.

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