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A Level Results Day

On an unusual results day, we congratulate our A Level students on their hard-won success and wish them the very best for the next exciting chapter.

Students received their grades this morning, securing places at top universities in the UK and abroad to pursue a diverse array of courses, including Engineering, Fine Art, History & Economics, Human, Social & Political Science, Law, Liberal Arts, Medicine and Psychology, Philosophy & Linguistics.  The majority will be heading to their first choice destination, predominantly Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities, as well as US Ivy League colleges, MIT and Berkeley.

Mrs Bingham commented: “The Class of 2021 should celebrate their success today. They have faced what must be the most uncertain and ambiguous assessment landscape in generations and coped with two extended lockdowns. They have coped with twists and turns, experienced hope, disappointment and probably everything in between. Finally the results are out and they can celebrate the fruit of their hard work. The national headlines will no doubt be about grade inflation but we have to remember that the circumstances in which young people were assessed this year were very different. To compare a system of terminal exams with a system of continuous assessment misses the point. Students nationally were deprived of so many important rites of passage due to COVID restrictions and they spent months unable to socialise normally. If they decided to use the time to throw themselves into their work, then none of us should begrudge them their success. We should celebrate their efforts and hope that they get the chance now to catch up on lost time.”

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