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Camden Youth MP

Following a boroughwide election in schools and youth centres last month, Lower Sixth bursary student Zarin has been elected as the new Youth MP for Camden!

Ten local teenagers campaigned to be elected. Having secured around 20% of the total vote, Zarin will now serve as Camden’s Youth MP for a two-year term, alongside her two Deputy Youth MPs, Niesha and Harvey.

Prior to being elected, Zarin served on the Youth Council for three years, which allowed her to identify the issues in Camden that she wanted to help change. After being invited to run for office, she spent lots of time campaigning, including distributing ballots in our community and delivering a whole school assembly about the elections.

Her role as Camden’s Youth MP will be to lead the Youth Council. As the voice for young people in the borough, Zarin will put forward their interests in local decision-making and represent their views and interests at a regional and national level, tackling the key issues they face and making change happen. She is currently collaborating with her deputies to combine their manifestos, ensuring councillors and local MPs are aware of what young people want, and arranging more initiatives to strengthen Camden’s community.

One of her priorities is focusing on education. “Education is a building block for progress – it’s beneficial not only in the short term but also the long term. If we want to make real change, it’s one of the best ways to go about it.” She is particularly passionate about implementing free school meals in every state secondary school in Camden and hosting workshops for teenagers to learn crucial life skills such as CV writing, financial literacy and interview skills.

Zarin is currently taking A Levels in Economics, English, Maths and Politics. “Studying at South Hampstead has equipped me with lots of the knowledge I need as Youth MP – from understanding political issues to speech-writing.” She is also a keen debater, having participated in numerous South Hampstead Debate Hub competitions when she attended a local state school; Zarin subsequently joined our Sixth Form last year as a Black Heart Foundation Scholar with a fully funded bursary.  “Competing as part of South Hampstead’s debate team – at places like Durham and LSE – has really helped to improve my public speaking skills. Being awarded a bursary at South Hampstead has provided so many opportunities and really enabled me to fulfil my potential – on a personal and academic scale.”

At university, Zarin plans to study either PPE or HSPS and would love to become an MP in the future. She also has a strong interest in international relations, so is also considering a career in diplomacy. Zarin is keen to encourage more young women into politics: “It’s really empowering to have the opportunity to effect genuine change in our community. Just go for it, even if you think something is a long shot! You never know what will happen and, either way, it will be a great experience.”

A huge congratulations to Zarin for her incredible hard work and accomplishments; everyone at South Hampstead is incredibly proud and excited to see what she will achieve next!

Zarin was interviewed by our Sixth Form Media & PR Captain, Maggie.  


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