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Choir of the Year

Congratulations to our Lower School Chamber Choir, awarded second place in the Girls’ Schools Association’s Junior Choir of the Year competition.

The competition, held at Warwick Hall, saw some of the most talented junior choirs from across the country come together to compete for the title. Our talented Year 7 and 8 singers performed May it Be from The Lord of the Rings and Three Hungarian Folk Songs, by M. Seiber.  The judges commended the girls’ “amazing attention to detail”, “incredible musicianship” and “magnificent” performances, praising them for handling such a challenging repertoire so impressively. Miss Hunt added: “I am incredibly proud of their professionalism – they showed maturity and poise beyond their years and were an absolute credit to South Hampstead.”

The choir returned to London on the minibus, certificates in hand, riding high from their exceptional performance, and sang for the whole journey home.

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