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Classicists in Sicily

GCSE Classics students enjoyed a summer adventure to Sicily – one of the dozens of trips that take place across the school each year to help open pupils’ minds to new experiences.

Year 10 pupils enjoyed a wonderful trip around the sites of Sicily, exploring the rich history of an island inhabited through the ages by Greeks, Romans, Normans and Arabs among many others. The group visited some of the best-preserved Greek temples in the world and a Roman palace covered in exquisite mosaics, as well as climbing Mount Etna (while it was billowing with the smoke from recent volcanic activity) and wandering through the ancient streets of Syracuse and Taormina, sampling the delights of Sicilian cuisine along the way.

Each year, we offer a diverse range of residential visits – forthcoming options include an enrichment trip to India, a Physics trip to CERN, a Music and German trip to Berlin, an Art trip to LA and a range of European language exchanges and work experience programmes. 


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