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Classics Conference

Once again, we hosted the GDST Classics Conference, welcoming dozens of Classicists from our sister schools for an inspiring day of lectures.

Following the success of last year’s inaugural conference, we welcomed pupils from five London GDST schools to join our own GCSE and A Level Classics students for a day of talks on Greek and Roman literature, history, philosophy, material culture and more.  Pupils had the opportunity to hear from a number of Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation teachers in the Girls’ Day School Trust speaking about some of their favourite topics beyond the curriculum. South Hampstead teacher talks included Miss Williams celebrating the variety of disciplines which fall under the umbrella of ‘Classics’;  Dr Miriello discussing the Tusculan Disputations, a philosophical dialogue by Cicero; Mr Thicknesse exploring the Roman literary trope of the paraclausithyron; and Mr Prance providing an edifying introduction to the Byzantine empire.

The keynote lecture of the day was given by Katherine Clarke, Professor of Greek and Roman History at St Hilda’s College, Oxford. Katherine, who is a Fellow of the British Academy, spoke on the topic of travel in the ancient Greek and Roman world. Students were enthralled by her exposition of how Greek and Roman historians mapped the world by food, and the weird and wonderful peoples and creatures they believed were found at its edges. Katherine kindly answered questions after the lecture, as well as offering helpful advice to current and potential university applicants.

It was brilliant to see so many budding Classicists sharing their enthusiasm, ideas and reflections; we very much look forward to another enriching conference at Notting Hill & Ealing next year.

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