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Community Support

Our Friends of South Hampstead parent organisation continues to support a range of community initiatives.

We are grateful to the commitment and generosity of our parents who work in partnership with staff to support and enhance school life.  Thanks to parental subscriptions and a range of social fundraising events – from parent/staff quiz nights and pupil discos to second-hand uniform sales – the Friends of South Hampstead (FOSH) continue to contribute to variety of initiatives. Over the past year, they have helped to fund trip costs and expenses for our bursary students from Ukraine, as well as contributing to our Speaker Series, which invites the wider community to join our high-profile guest speaker events.

FOSH have also contributed to new equipment and departmental projects, including a ‘polyglot in residence’ programme to support pupils’ language-learning, and a new hand-lever printing press in the Art Department to promote creativity. New 7-aside footballs goals have enabled us to host more tournaments for local schools and support our growing football programme, while our Computer Science department, which hosts Saturday Sparks coding sessions for partner schools, now has a flight simulator,  allowing pupils to ‘fly’ a range of aircraft.

Thank you to all our parents who help organise and support our FOSH fundraising events and activities.

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