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Creativity Week

As pupils from Year 8 and above embarked on exams, Year 7 enjoyed a fun-filled Creativity Week.

Their week began by devising a play in a day,  with groups staging their own versions of Greek myths in a physical theatre style.

A Creativity Carousel provided the opportunity to work in their Houses as opposed to forms, with action-packed Maths, Computing and Music sessions on rotation; pupils also started on their Futures Certificate, the latest initiative as part of our Futures Programme, which aims to help pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 to develop workplace skills.

Pupils then spent a full day celebrating the creativity of scientific research, exploring a chosen area of Science before presenting their findings to parents at a buzzing Science Fair at the end of the day.  Teams tackled an ambitious range of topics, exploring black holes and how fish gills work (even dissecting a specimen obtained from our local Waitrose!) Congratulations to the winning team – Alexia, Marnie, Lizzie, Salina and Zoha – who decided to investigate the absorbency of different materials to develop more eco-friendly sanitary pads – an ingenious and well-researched project.

The girls also embarked on their 3-day Independent Learning Programme, which will continue after half term, before joining our whole school Jubilee Celebrations, rounding off a fun-filled week.

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