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Creativity Week

Year 7 enjoyed a fun-filled Creativity Week with a range of activities to help expand horizons.

Their week began by devising a play in a day, with groups staging their own versions of Greek myths in a physical theatre style. Other activities included self-defence training, to build awareness and confidence, and edifying days out, including a Classics and Philosophy & Religion-focused trip to St Albans, and a History trip to the Tower of London.

Back at school, working in their Houses as opposed to form groups, pupils took part in Computing and Futures Certificate sessions – the certificate, part of our Futures Programme, aims to help pupils to develop workplace skills. Pupils also undertook a team Science project, learning how to explore complex questions and clearly communicate their findings, and embarked on a 3-day Independent Learning Programme; we look forward to welcoming judges and parents to see the creative outcomes after half term.

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