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Culture Week

We hosted our first whole school Culture Week – a celebration of different heritages and identities within and beyond our school community.

Organised by our Diversity Team, the action-packed week aimed to shine a light on different cultures and contribute to our on-going conversations about diversity and inclusion.

In the Junior School, girls enjoyed sharing stories about their religions and family traditions with their classmates, as well as joining a variety of workshops: Islamic Art, South American dance, African mask-making, Buddhist traditions, and a session about Hanukkah by students from our Senior School Jewish Society.  Our Culture Week coincided with national anti-bullying week, with girls celebrating difference through wearing odd socks and reflecting on different ways to show kindness.

In the Senior School, pupils hosted a screening of Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s film Humans volume 1, focusing on how different cultures value love; students also took part in a badge-making workshop, creating badges to celebrate their own identities.  Year 9 researched different countries – from Sweden to the Sandwich Islands – culminating in a showcase in Waterlow Hall, complete with posters, music and even samples of local specialties.  The latest episode of our student Juice Radio Show focused on multiculturalism and misconceptions, while Sixth Formers organised an online cook-along and shared favourite family recipes, from Sri Lankan chicken curry to Canadian nanaimo bars.

During the week, girls and staff from across the school participated in our first Cultural Dress Day, wearing outfits typical of their ancestry or a place they have lived, with a wonderfully colourful collection of clothing from different cultures across the world.

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