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Diary Designs

Two of last year’s A Level Art students designed the covers for this year’s pupil diaries.

Each year, the front covers of our pupil planners are designed by talented artists – our students, past and present. Over the past few years, bold designs have been created by the renowned graphic designer and alumna, Aries Moross (Creative Director at Studio Moross), as well as more recent leavers who are now at Art School.

This year’s Junior School diary design was produced by Paloma, who joined South Hampstead at the age of 4, and is now studying Fine Art at university; her colourful, abstract design was inspired by South Hampstead’s iconic torch emblem and the school’s core values: thoughtfulness, open-heartedness, respect, courage and honesty.

The Senior School diary cover was designed by Ella, one of last year’s Sixth Form Art Scholars, who wanted to champion the intellect and compassion of the late feminist icon, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, highlighting the quote: “Women belong in places where decisions are made.” 

South Hampstead now offers Sixth Form Art Scholarships – find out more about how to apply here.

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