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Dodo Takes Flight

The latest issue of our student Eco Newsletter is out now, renamed The Dodo.

The second edition of the thriving online newsletter, and sister publication to South Hampstead’s student magazine, The Penguin, was shared with the school community this week.

Each term The Dodo is produced by the Eco Team: Sixth Form editor and designer, Marni, and a team of pupil writers. The latest issue includes lots of inspiring, sustainable ideas: at-home crafting, upcycling and homemade mask-making; eco-friendly fashion apps; a environmental culture list with ideas of what to read and watch; and a spotlight on what staff and students are doing to be greener in their everyday lives.

Congratulations to all involved for sharing such positive ideas and helping to galvanise others to take action and make a difference – available to read online here.

South Hampstead was recently named as the Independent School of the Year for Environmental Achievement and lauded by The Week as the best school for green ideas

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