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Eco Week

Our Eco Team organised another successful Eco Week to inspire the whole school community to play their part in tackling the climate crisis.

This year’s Eco Week coincided with COP26 in Glasgow, which our pupils and staff were involved with both in person and online – read more here.  Back at school, our student-led Eco Team and UN accredited climate change teacher, Ms Wrigglesworth, galvanised an action-packed week of activities, including film screenings and talks on fossil fuel divestment, reforestation and eco-system restoration, and the effectiveness of international institutions in combatting climate change.

Student-run sessions included an upcycling workshop making reusable sandwich wraps from old crisp packets, and a popular giveaway of sustainable period products. The school community also embraced a sustainable non-uniform day, donning seldom worn outfits from the backs of their wardrobes or items that have been thrifted or mended. The non-uniform day helped to raise funds for Refugee Education UK, a charity that our Modern Foreign Languages Department also supported with a sponsored 5km run, raising over £1,500.

Our annual Eco Week aims to kickstart conversations and inspire change as we continue to embed sustainability into our whole school curriculum and encourage pupils to become informed and proactive global citizens. 

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