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‘Excellent’ Inspection

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) has rated the quality of education provided at South Hampstead as ‘excellent’.

The latest inspection was conducted in early February.  Inspectors observed lessons across the Junior and Senior Schools, examining samples of pupils’ work and talking with pupils, parents, governors, teaching and non-teaching staff. Following the rigorous inspection, inspectors rated South Hampstead as ‘excellent’, the highest possible grade, in both of the key outcomes: pupil achievement and personal development.

Mrs Bingham commented: “I’m so proud that our incredible team of staff, well-established culture, and cohesive community have been recognised in this report with such fulsome praise. Our pupils are always excellent ambassadors for the school and clearly left the inspectors with a wonderful impression of South Hampstead.” 

A copy of the full ISI report can be found here.

Some key findings:

Pupils have a deep love of learning and warmly embrace the school’s pervasive culture of joyful scholarship that ignites their academic passions.

“Pupils of all ages collaborate with one another instinctively.”

“Beyond the classroom, pupils eagerly discuss their work and share ideas across the lunch table.”

“They love to grapple with difficult concepts and debate complex ideas.”

“Deeply attentive listeners”… “accomplished writers”… “articulate and confident speakers.”

“Pupils are highly numerate and enjoy working together and individually to solve problems.” 

“Pupils spoke enthusiastically about how proud they are of their school.”

“Pupils are acutely aware of the importance of making good decisions.”

“Pupils radiate confidence tempered with self-depreciation, humility and good humour.”

“Instinctive and sensitive appreciation of the non-material aspects of life.”

“An extremely strong moral compass.”

“Obvious delight in working together to achieve their own and others’ success.”

“Strong sense of team spirit and social cohesion.”

“Pupils’ sense of responsibility to the wider community is extremely strong.”

“Naturally inclusive”… “without exception, pupils spoke of the importance of accepting each other for ‘who they are’.”

“Acutely aware of the need to treat others with dignity and respect.”

“Teachers encourage them to follow their passions and interests.” 

“Teachers foster and communicate a genuine love of their subject.” 

“Teaching encourages free expression and lively debate.” 

“A harmonious community.” 

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is appointed by the Department of Education to inspect more than 1,300 independent schools in England. Schools typically undergo a scheduled inspection every three years. South Hampstead’s recent Educational Quality with Focused Compliance (EQI) inspection looked at the quality of education and checked a targeted section of policies and practices. 



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