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Fieldwork Resumes

As soon as restrictions lifted, our Lower Sixth Geographers set off to conduct urban, rural and coastal fieldwork in Devon.

After an early start, and a walk in Dartmoor National Park along the way, A Level Geography students arrived in Slapton after a 6-hour journey. Izzy summarises the highlights of their trip:

‘Throughout our week, we visited remote, rural villages and used surveying techniques to assess the need for regeneration. It was interesting to see such a contrast between the lifestyle of people in isolated rural areas compared to our daily lives in London. In ‘typical geographer’ outfits, we did a long coastal walk stretching from Start Point lighthouse in Hallsands, stopping for some fish and chips en route; we assessed the reasons for types of sediment on parts of the beach and looked at factors affecting beach gradient. The next day, we drove to Plymouth where we assessed the success of the regeneration, bringing to life a case study we have looked at in detail in our lessons. Despite almost being blown off the Dockyard and getting a flat tyre, we made it back in one piece. On the final day, we visited the town of Totnes, where we carried out an ‘urban clone town survey,’ investigating the ratio of independent to chain shops and restaurants. It was a great trip and we had lots of fun, alongside all the fascinating Geography.’ 

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