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Futures Programme

Students from Year 7 to the Sixth Form have been developing future skills and exploring a variety of career paths this term.

As part of our Futures Programme, Lower Sixth students spent a condensed Futures Week, focusing on life after their A Levels. Visiting speakers included a financial advisor and a work experience expert. Sessions were also dedicated to evaluating and peer-reviewing their Extended Project Qualifications (EPQ); learning about the process of writing a personal statement; and spending 1:1 time with their higher education advisors, discussing potential career paths. Students commented:

“The financial advice was incredibly reassuring and informative, explaining how student loans work, as well as outlining the advantages and disadvantages of debit and credit cards.”

“The speaker from InvestIN was really instructive – it opened up lots of opportunities and it was really valuable to find out more about how to apply for work experience.”

“Facing life beyond South Hampstead now feels like a significantly less daunting task!”

Meanwhile our younger pupils have embarked on new initiative this term: the Futures Certificate. Designed to help students in Years 7 to 9 to develop workplace skills early, the programme helps students reflect on their skills, develop goals for next year and explore various career paths. So far they have heard from a number of former South Hampstead pupils, including a copywriter based in Paris, a behaviour change coach who shared advice on goal-setting, and an Art Curator at the Tate, who encouraged them to “build your career path around what you enjoy.” Pupils have also participated in workshops on leadership, teamwork and communication,  as well as undertaking the Morrisby Aspirations careers test and the UniFrog Personality Quiz.  Our Futures Programme aims to ensure students to have a broad understanding of the workplace and equip them to be aware of current trends and emerging opportunities.


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