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GDST Classics Awards

Three A Level Classicists have been awarded Pearson & Silver Awards from the Girls’ Day School Trust.

Each year, the Pearson & Silver committee awards a number of prizes to GDST students based on academic excellence in classical subjects, commitment to studying a classical subject at university, and contribution to school life.  Congratulations to our Lower Sixth students Katie, Sophie and Zoe, who were all awarded £100 or more to put towards the cost of attending courses with a classical content before they commence their university studies. Katie is currently studying Greek, Latin and Maths; Sophie is studying Greek, Latin, Maths and Further Maths; and Zoe is studying Classical Civilisation, Drama and Geography.

The Pearson & Silver Awards are just some of the many prestigious scholarships available exclusively to GDST pupils. The awards are named after Nancy Silver, a Classicist and former GDST Head, and Bertram Pearson, a former member of the Council of the Trust, who left a share of his estate to the GDST for the purpose of promoting the study and pursuit of classical learning in Greek and Latin.

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