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Green Party Talk

Students were fortunate to listen to a talk by Green Party co-leader Sian Berry, galvanising them to take action.

‘Held in the politics room in Oakwood, Sixth Formers enjoyed an informal and friendly atmosphere as Ms Berry talked us through her work in environmental activism, her role in the London Assembly and her upcoming policies for her third run at London Mayor in 2020. Students were then able to ask questions ranging from how a minor party such as the Greens can bring environmental justice and change to the forefront of discussion, to alternative voting systems. She also spoke about sustainable policies on plastic consumption, meat production and the housing crisis.

In light of South Hampstead’s own initiative ‘Project Zero’, ensuring that our school provides more solutions than it does negative effects upon the planet, the talk was particularly enlightening and encouraging with regard to how we can use the political process to press for change.

The talk was a fantastic opportunity for students, especially those studying Politics, to engage with the co-leader of a represented political party and surely inspired us to apply ourselves to political engagement on the vital issue of environmental degradation. Thank you to Sian Berry for speaking to us and answering all of our probing questions.’

by Freddie, Upper Sixth 

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