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Ground-breaking Waterlow

We marked the start of the final phase for the redevelopment of Waterlow Hall with a celebratory series of events.

As we close the doors to the existing hall in order to prepare for the final works, we prepare to unveil our new, state-of-the-art performance space in 2020. The Shine a Light club organised a wonderful Waterlow Exhibition with the plans on display, a Virtual Reality film and a preview of the School Song frieze and ‘Map of Stars’, where all those who have made donations to our ‘Compose yourself’ and ‘Shine a Light’ appeals will be recognised.

There was much excitement in the Junior School as the girls voted in our Seat Fabric Survey, while girls across the school to ‘leave their mark’ on the existing walls – ‘time capsuled’ graffiti that may be uncovered by future generations of pupils and staff in years to come. Sixth Formers, Junior and Senior School pupils wrote their memories, while new girls joining the school next term added their messages and hopes, as they look forward to starting their journey at South Hampstead in September.

Head Girl, Sophie, orchestrated a Gillian Ayres-inspired mural session, with girls splattering colourful paint in a suitably abstract expressionist style. The idea was inspired the Ayres’ works that are proudly on display at school and a recent trip to Tate Britain. Mrs Bingham also let loose rather enthusiastically with a spraygun of bright blue paint.

One of the aims of the Waterlow Hall Campaign has been to involve as many people in whatever way possible. Not everyone is able to donate and we are very grateful to all those who have given up their time and expertise to help.  There have also been many opportunities to win a light and a place on our ‘Map of Stars’ via our newsletter quizzes and competitions.

£2.5 million has been pledged to our Waterlow Hall Campaign so far, but we still have some way to go to reach our £3 million target. Thank you to all 442 members of our community who have so generously donated so far – we could not have got to this stage without your support. For all the news on the campaign, please take a look at our latest newsletter.


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