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Head Girl Team

We are delighted to welcome our newly appointed Head Girl Team for 2024/25.

As we bid an emotional farewell to our wonderful Class of 2024, as they embarked on study leave, we introduced our new Head Girl, Arya, and the rest of the Head Girl Team: Axelle (Diversity and Inclusion), Katie (Academic & Scholarship), Noa (Wellness & Peer Mentoring), Olivia (Environment & Estates), Liv (Houses), and Sophie (Charities & Co-curricular).

How would you describe South Hampstead? 

Noa: South Hampstead is a vibrant, creative environment where girls can try new things and be spontaneous while finding their passions. 

Arya: A launchpad towards a dynamic future. 

Olivia: Everyone is incredibly supportive, and we are all encouraged to find our niche interest, no matter how random it might be!

What are you most looking forward to about next year? 

Katie: I’m excited to meet lots of new people from different year groups and to work together with the team to make positive changes at South Hampstead.

Noa: Collaborating with the rest of the team to make it a great year filled with new and exciting activities and ideas.

Sophie: I’m most looking forward to next year’s whole school walk – it’s always such a nice day with friends, and taking part in leading the fundraising process this year was such fun!

What’s one thing you hope to achieve in your role on the Head Girl team?

Axelle: I hope to continue the school’s progress in making it a place where everyone feels included, valued, and celebrated.

Liv: I’d like to ensure each pupil participates in as many House events as possible, whether that’s lip sync, school challenge quizzes or spelling bees. 

Katie: I hope to encourage more students to explore academics outside the curriculum by setting up fun, informal initiatives that will allow everyone to engage with their passions.

What is your favourite co-curricular activity at South Hampstead?

Olivia: I love debating. I’ve been debating since Year 7, and it has given me so many valuable skills as well as allowed me to unleash my more competitive side.

Liv: Anything netball-related. Nothing beats a winter morning 7.45 training session on the MUGA!

Axelle: Drama! Being in the productions is so fun and fulfilling, and I love running the Year 9 Drama Club (their improv is always iconic).

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Olivia: Growing enough that I am now no longer the shortest person in the year. 

Sophie: Setting up and running my organisations, EmpowerHer and Education4All – they’re both initiatives with charity schools in underdeveloped countries.

Liv: Being a two-time Middlesex Netball County Champion! A first in South Hampstead’s history… 

Axelle: Not falling down on the Sixth Form ice-skating trip!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to girls in younger years?

Katie: It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best at something as long as you’re enjoying yourself, so get stuck in and try not to worry about what other people are thinking.

Arya: Hold everything lightly! Especially at a young age, your academic and social environments are constantly shifting, growing, and adapting, so it’s important to have an expansive perspective.

Sophie: To always be yourself – there’s only one of you for a reason and you’ll accomplish what you were born to do faster if you own it!

What’s your favourite film of all time, and why? 

Noa: Breakfast at Tiffany’s because it’s a classic New York rom-com, and who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn?

Liv: Undoubtedly, 2005 Pride and Prejudice. No questions asked.

Olivia: It has to be Clueless. It’s so iconic and my dream is to have one of the outfit maker machines.

The new Head Girl Team will be supported by sixteen members of the new Sixth Form Leadership Team, who will carry out a range of roles over the upcoming year, along with members of committees from across the school. We’re grateful for the enthusiasm and achievements of Emilie and the outgoing Head Girl Team – Aadya, Irmak, Janella, Jess, Mehr and Natalia – who have all shown incredible commitment, maturity and good cheer throughout their final year.

Mrs Paul added: “We wish our Class of 2024 all the very best for their forthcoming exams – they have led by shining example. I very much look forward to seeing what’s in store from our new Head Girl Team and working with them throughout the year ahead.”

Interviews and photo by our newly appointed Media & PR Captain, Maggie. 

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