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House Activities

The term culminated in a typically joyous array of House activities involving pupils (and staff) of all ages.

Our enthusiastic Sixth Form House Captains have been rallying pupils from every year group to join the fun. Even festive decorating has become a competitive endeavour, with pupils adorning their tree with creative House colour-themed decorations. House mates have had the chance to bond over early morning croissants and hot chocolate, whilst new House families – smaller groups within each House – took part in a festive quiz together.  Other activities this term have included an impressive afternoon of House Music (congratulations to Potter on their win) and a show-stopping House Bake Off fundraiser, won by Walker, raising £700 for charity, with dozens of colourful cakes and cookies donated to our local Doorstep Homeless Families Project.

During the final week of term came the eagerly anticipated, and quintessentially South Hampstead, House Lip Sync contest; thank you to all the ‘boy band’ performers for such an uplifting end to 2023, with a special mention to our winners, Potter, for their exuberant choreography and triumphant ‘singing’ – and to our courageous Heads of House staff for their memorable finale.

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