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Independent Learning

Each year, Year 7 participate in an Independent Learning Project, encouraged to take the initiative and think creatively about their work.

Over the course of three days, pupils work in teams to devise, structure and complete and piece of work. This year, they embraced the theme of ‘dry’ with great enthusiasm, conducting research, developing ideas and producing a wide range of impressive outcomes exploring topics as diverse as the surface conditions of Venus, the absorbency of nappies, the fauna of desert environments, and the water-repellant properties of lotus leaves.

On the final day, they showcased the culmination of their work to parents, teachers and judges, with prizes awarded to a number of teams who produced particularly effective work. Well done to all our winners: Rosabella, Lucy, Isla, Rose and Louise, for their wonderful, reflective log book they produced alongside their project on dried food for astronauts; Astrid, Elise, Julia, Sophia and Bhavisha, who won the prize for best research for their original experiments of waterproof materials; and Kylie, Jasmine, Phoebe, Honor and Daria, who won the prize for best resource for the reversible dress they produced to illustrate the difference between an earth with abundant water and one with decreasing water levels. The overall winners were Syra, Sara, Arya, Marnie and Yamuna, with their well-researched and original project examining the Prohibition era in the United States.

​The programme is spearheaded by Dr Egan, Assistant Head responsible for Research and Innovation; it is one of the many projects undertaken by pupils that encourages a spirit of enquiry and engenders curiosity – a hallmark of South Hampstead’s rich and varied curriculum.


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