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Inspiring Females

Junior and Senior School pupils attended a pioneering summit, hearing from influential guest speakers and game changers.

Inspiring Females is a programme set up by our sister school, Norwich High School GDST, inspiring girls about new movements in the world of careers and empowering them to make informed decisions about their futures.

At Chelsea Footbal Club last week, alongside hundreds of girls from other GDST and state schools from across the UK, the girls heard from dynamic women at different stages of their professional lives. Speakers included social enterprise entrepreneurs, elite athletes, CEOs, women’s rights activists as well as South Hampstead alumna Dr Jess Wade, the trailblazing scientist and equality champion. Year 10 pupils had the opportunity to take part in Q&A panel sessions, TED-style talks, interactive sessions and networking. Year 5 girls participated in a brand new event, IF: Grass Roots, with workshop sessions on how to be courageous leaders, how to do what makes you happy, being kind to yourself and having the courage to take risks.

The Year 10 pupils commented: “The conference was very motivating… I particularly enjoyed hearing from the lawyer and activist, Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu – a very energetic and inspiring speaker.” Catriona

“After the summit, I feel more empowered about how to approach opportunities and challenges. Listening to the powerful stories the women shared, I really feel like I can do anything.” Misha

“The summit has really made me think about how I come across in new situations; I learned that asserting confidence can increase your employment opportunities and help you to gain helpful contacts.” Rebecca 



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