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Junior Debating

At our latest Debate Hub event, hundreds of local primary school pupils have been finding their voice.

We were delighted to welcome over 220 pupils to South Hampstead, hosting what is probably the UK’s biggest debating competition for primary schools.

Year 5 and 6 pupils from 19 different schools, including our own Junior School, embraced the challenge of developing their skills of argumentation with great confidence and poise. Our Director of Debating, Mr Hepburn, has been helping pupils at many of the participating schools prepare for the event.  The first motion was whether talented students should skip a year of school, which was tackled with great enthusiasm.  After three rounds of debating – totalling 84 debates and over 500 speeches – seven of the 56 teams were undefeated; congratulations to Akiva, Primrose Hill Primary, Salusbury, Sarum Hall, South Hampstead and two teams from Queen’s Gate.

Many thanks to our Senior School helpers, Mr Hepburn, and to all our participating schools, for making the event such a success.

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