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Languages Evening

Modern Foreign Language students from across the school staged an entertaining multilingual soirée.

Over 100 pupils, from Year 7 to the Sixth Form, performed German sketches, French poems, Spanish playlets and Mandarin song to a packed theatre. The fun-filled showcase featured impressive language skills. These included a memorable rendition of the Backstreet Boys’ I Want it That Way in Mandarin, plenty of wonderful drama across all languages, and a plethora of musical delights laced with infectious humour and visuals.

Well done to all our participants and the Modern Foreign Languages Department for putting on such a fantastic evening of performances – merci/gracias/Vielen Dank/谢谢! 

All pupils study either French, German, Mandarin or Spanish in Year 7, as well as Latin, adding a second Modern Language in Year 8 and Year 9; all students study at least one modern language to GCSE, with several continuing to A Level and beyond each year.   

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