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Languages Evening

Over 120 performers presented an evening of Modern Foreign Language-inspired entertainment: MFL-Air.

Talented linguists of all ages lifted off with an airline-themed evening of sketches, music, poetry and merriment in French, German, Mandarin and Spanish in Waterlow Hall. They transported the audience to the jungle for a German I’m a Celebrity and on a ‘crazy shopping’ experience in Mandarin, as well as performing a birthday sketch in French and a South Hampstead spin on a Spanish telenovela. Every pupil rose to the occasion with fantastic enthusiasm, many performing in their first ever Modern Foreign Language show. As Mr Morley, Head of MFL, commented: “Performing in your own language is one thing, but performing in a different language really is something else!”

Well done to all who took part and thank you to everyone in the MFL department and beyond who worked so hard to make the show happen, as well as to our appreciative audience who were fully immersed in the experience.

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