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Living Books

Ahead of World Book Day, Year 7 performed entertaining excerpts from fictional works in transformed classrooms.

For our annual ‘living book’ competition, each form group chooses a story to bring to life. This year, they staged scenes with tremendous creativity, as desks and chairs made way for chocolate rivers and snow-covered forests. The judges were transported to diverse fictional realms and commended all the pupils on their collaborative efforts and imaginative use of costumes and props, including colourful face-painting and even our school dog.

7G scooped the award for kindness, with a colourful, re-scripted performance of The Day the Crayons Quit, specially adapted to involve the whole class. Excellent acting, backstage technicians, sound and lighting secured the Acting & Staging prize for 7D, with their reenactment of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The teamwork prize was awarded to 7S for their fantastic choreography and energetic staging of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. The creativity prize went to 7T, for their brave choice to select a scene from the film Legally Blonde: a pink car was driven into a salon-style room, complete with hairspray, accompanied by Maple masquerading as Bruiser Woods the chihuahua.

Selecting the overall winner was a very tough decision, but the judges awarded the accolade to 7S for their joyous, immersive performance of the Roald Dahl classic, with excellent characterisation, costumes, improvised chocolate river and toe-tapping Oompa Loompa tunes.

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