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Maths Awards

Over 140 of our pupils have been awarded certificates in this year’s UK Maths Trust Junior Challenge.

The UK Maths Trust, a charity promoting problem-solving skills, runs a series of competitions each year. The Junior Challenge is a 60-minute, multiple choice paper that encourages mathematical reasoning and precision of thought for pupils in Year 7 and 8.  Congratulations to our Mathematicians who were awarded 31 Gold, 53 Silver and 59 Bronze certificates – with a special mention to our ‘best in year’ scorers Abi in Year 8 and Jialin in Year 7.

Nineteen of our pupils were ranked amongst the top students in the country and have been invited to the follow-on Kangaroo round; well done to Jialin, Diya, Eva, Imogen, Saho, Emilie, Aline, Victoria, Bella, and Faye-Savannah in Year 7 and to Charlotte, Amaya, Obehi, Rose, Amelie, Alexandra, Ella, Charlotte and Verity in Year 8. Abi in Year 8, our top scorer this year, has been invited to participate in the Olympiad, an even more competitive follow-on round. We wish them all the best of luck.

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