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Music-Making Partnership

Some of our most talented musicians visited our neighbouring primary school to lead music lessons.

Nine musicians from Year 7 through to Year 11 played a rousing rendition of Glen Miller’s In the Mood to a captivated audience at Holy Trinity C of E Primary next door, before introducing them to the history and tonal qualities of nearly every instrument in the orchestra, as well as demonstrating different playing styles.  The Year 3 and 4 pupils, who are learning the recorder, asked a multitude of questions and had a go at plucking the strings of the double bass.

Camille, in Year 9, commented: “It was a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about our own instruments and speak about something we are all deeply passionate about. Having the opportunity to learn about music really is a fantastic experience and something that all young people should have access to, so it’s great to see our school fostering initiatives which help make that possible. A big thank you to Ms Ellis for making it happen!” 

Later this month, two of our Chamber Choirs will deliver a special singing assembly at Holy Trinity, as we continue to develop more harmonious, local partnership initiatives.

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