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Orchestral Lift Off

Two of our accomplished Music Scholars in Year 11 go ‘on tour’ via Zoom with the National Youth Orchestra.

Trombone player Lillian and violinist Tamara are joining Project Lift Off – a ‘musical relay’ of 600 talented musicians around the UK. Every day, for 16 days, teenagers from different parts of the country are meeting online to learn a brand new piece, composed by Dani Howard, entitled Jigsaw.

The groups are established by connecting musicians who are local to each other, who will pass the baton around the country over the course of the two weeks. The piece will be performed, live, at 5pm every day. Project Lift Off aims to provide uplifting opportunities for talented musicians to perform together in lockdown, even when concert halls are closed.

South Hampstead has a well-established reputation for music; Music Scholarship awards provide an outstanding range of opportunities to support and develop our most talented performers. Find out more about how to apply

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